IDEA 1. Face dryers

Not sure about you but working in the office, especially on the rainy no-meetings day, I wash my face at least 3-4 times a day. I love that feeling of cold water on the face, and it helps me to stay awake during the long day at the computer. 

While working from home is not an issue, you can use the towel to dry the face, what do you do when you are in the office? 

Let’s check what is available on the market and see if we can change/add something to it.

hand dryers

Not much, eh? On the one type you have to turn the nosle around such touching it after you washed your hands, the second one has to click to redirect the air touching it is well.

Why there is nothing on the market for the face? Is it not needed? I need it! I don’t want to sit at the desk with the wet face…:-)) 

OK, what can we do then?

Solution 1 – Combine hair fan with the mirror! Simple to do! Or install it at the top of the mirror. To avoid touching anything have a pedal underneath the sink (actually could have two pedals, one for water one for dryer) or use movement detector and once you moved to the mirror too close the face dryer turns on.

Solution 2 – Dryer with hand/face recognition system. Surely it’s not hard for an algorithm to tell the hands from the face and measure the distance from the object to the dryer.

Solution 3 – Paper towels! :-)) Haa! Cheeky! Too simple! And we don’t want to use paper, need to save the planet!

Solution 4 – Face spray which dries the face! Nice, eh? With a bit of perfume in it.

Solution 5 – your variant! 

IDEA 2. Hotels for the plants. 

Do you like flowers or plants? What do you do when you’re away for a few weeks? Ahhh…..give them to your friends or relatives? Do you trust them to look after your favourite cactus that much? What if it dies upon your return? Solution – hotels for the plants. Something similar to the kennels for the dogs. Is it on the market already? Let’s check – Hey Google!

OK, there is one in London – Plant Hotel

Not sure if it’s operating as on parent website (Patch Plants) I can’t see any links to the hotel. 

Remember this guy –>

leon and plant

with his plant (Aglaonemas or Chinese evergreen) which he said was “his best friend as he never complains and they have in common that they don’t have roots”. Not sure if he’d be brave enough to leave the plant in the hotel….

Is there a market for this idea? Probably not. So, quick brainstorm on how we can improve it. 

1. Combine plant sales with the plants’ hotel

2. Hotel plus “plant owners fresher course” – teach the owner to look after the plant, tell him more about the plant than he knows.

3. Maybe some plants (and I know nothing about them!) grow better with some birds or insects – parrots, turtles or butterflies etc. Introduce them to each other.

4. Plants like talking. Have a piece of music or human conversation with them. 

5. Take the plant for a walk! Good weather – show them the sun….

IDEA 3. The lighting of the bridges. 

Do you like bridges? I love them. Every drive is a piece of art. Bristol has a very famous Brunel bridge, a must-see for every visitor.

Driving at night recently over the Severn bridge between Wales and England, I thought it looks bright and tremendous but where the energy for the lights coming from – I’ve asked myself? Probably from the grid….Is it the best and the most efficient way to light up the bridges?

3 min after I came up with few ideas:

  1. The first thing which came to my mind was to install the wind turbine between the bridge pylons….usually, the bridge would have at least a pair of them. Pros – using existing space and structure. Cons – probably additional vibration and load on the pylons. For the load I guess (and I’m not a civil engineer) it’s not a big issue, vibration might be a problem

Bridge over the channel

2. The second (and I’ve found similar to my idea picture on the internet) is to install wind turbine blades underneath the bridge. Don’t see many issues there only that bridge should be tall enough. Both scenarios would be perfectly valid as normally the wind across the channels or mountains is pretty strong and usually there is not many buildings around the bridge.

3. Have solar batteries on the bridge cables. Cover the cables with effectively flexible or tube-type solar panels. Benefits are there – cables will less likely to be affected by the high temperatures as most of the solar heat will be absorbed by the panels. Problems, of course, is the cost of panels. 

IDEA 4. Open office noise – what to do?

A recent survey of the office workers confirmed that noise around the working desk is one of the main reasons for low productivity.

office noise

Office space is expensive, to save money companies trying to put people as close to each other as possible. Having at-the-desk meetings lead to even higher noise around the office. Solutions?

Google shows a number of different ways I’d list preferred by me (some exist, some are not).

Note, working from home doesn’t count (even if you have a tranquil room with no noise around). We’re looking specifically at the office space. 

1. Soundproof floor, ceiling and dividers

2. A seat with the soundproof unfolded walls (maybe electrical ones) or soundproof headrests (usually most of the noise comes from the sides or the back of the seat). 

3. Noise meter at each desk. A lamp which measures the noise at the desk and starts lighting red when the noise level exceeds the limit.

IDEA 5. Sell snow to Eskimos

When I was in school, one of the subject I hated a lot was geography. Firstly, we didn’t have google maps but old paper topographical cards. Second – we didn’t have the internet and couldn’t see the beauty of the word. Nowadays, you have access to all resources and talking about resources…. The idea which I had for ages in my head is resources swap. 

Ukraine used to be called “grain basket of Europe”. You know why? Because of the enormous amount of fertile black soil. Nowadays a huge amount of it gets exported to the wealthy Gulf countries.

Let’s brainstorm what else we can export?

1. Rainwater to hot countries. There’re lots of states with the vast amount of rain and with a whole year of sun and heat. Collect rainwater (which is with slight cleaning effectively pure drinking water) and swap it for oil e.g.

2. Milk to timber, fish to lamb….I know we’re using the money for it but what if we do it without money? Can it be a resources swap website?