Almost end of 2020, most people around me are very tired and can’t wait to go on few weeks Christmas break.

Year 2020 was difficult but very interesting. I felt like we lived 5 years in one.

It was hard to find a motivation to do things and to write, but I tried my best.

As I have a massive backlog of ideas next three posts will be just with ideas sorted by themes.

This time it’s about radio and podcasting.

Lets start.

1. Podcasts by engineers for engineers

Engineering is complicated.

Lots of podcasts trying to talk about engineering in the simple language.

What if I want to actually listen to engineers with all engineering terms?

What if there is a radio where engineers actually discuss things interesting to them and to other engineers? E.g. program about problems with composite material manufacturing or problem about concrete lamp posts etc?

 2. Communal Radio

 What I’ve noticed in the UK  local radio exists only in larger cities e.g. Manchester or Bristol….

In the smaller towns on the suburbs there are normally would be a local newspaper with ads of the local businesses and that’s it….but in the era of “see and hear” people tend to dump those newspapers straight to the recycling bins.

Solution? – communal radio station  – online or DAB.

Start from 3-4h per week, increasing airtime slowly depending on the demand and popularity of the radio stream.

3. Sauna Radio

 Ok, as you’ve noticed from my post about saunas that I love sauna.

One thing I’m always struggling with is to find the right music for the sauna session….it shouldn’t be too fast but can’t be too slow – it should be the “right” one….

Radio Sauna must exist somewhere but I couldn’t find it. 

In between the songs we could add the wisdom words of wise people or just some motivation quotes…

Earn money on adds of saunas or spiritual places.

Remember  – sauna is a temple, not a “muscles recovery room”


4. World International Music Radio

Not sure why but there is no FEM or DAB radio in the UK which streams international music.

When I say international I mean World music. 

Every country e.g. Europe would have their top 10 or top 20 songs of the month or year.

Take 30 countries  – at least 300 super hit songs in 20 languages…..

Earn on adverts from travel companies etc.


5. Software which mutes radio Ads

 Ads are annoying but they’re radio station’s bread and butter. Without ads, commercial radio stations won’t exist.

On some stations ads are played every 15 minuets, 3 times per hour.

It’s not a secret that most of the radio stations make the ads louder than normal program so listener automatically switches their attention to it.

For me, as a person who listens to the radio a lot, ads are annoying.

What I need is to have a feature which will understand that an adv is playing and mutes it or put the sound to minimum.

Radio stations won’t like it but users will…..I’d pay good money to have it in my car….

How to build it and how it’ll look like – need to think….


6. Radio inventor

 Radio Inventor.

Tell about the world best inventions, run worlds music, use engineering companies like Airbus, Rolls Royce and others to sponsor the shows.


7. Rage Room Radio

The radio version of Rage Room where you can call and swear as much as you want!!!!