Those of you who managed to read other posts on the website would know that I’m an immigrant in the UK and came here just a little bit less than 15 years ago.

In this post, I’d like to brainstorm some of the ideas related to the Ukraine and beyond.


1. Ukraine for Brits – advertise the country to the general British public

Ask an average British person  – what do you know about the Ukraine? The answer most of the time will be  – beautiful women, Chernobil and possibly Shakhtar Donetsk.

Nevertheless, it’s a very beautiful country with a huge history, great food and culture.

Custom tours to Ukraine from the UK can be a great solution for solving the British lack of knowledge about it.

It can be beer tours, sauna tour, World War II memorial tours or others.

Lots of people in the Ukraine speak perfect English and finding an English speaking guide is not a problem at all. 

Advertising can be done on Tripadvisor or Airbnb.


2. Ukraine for Business – a catalogue of Ukrainian companies which would like to do business with the British companies

Might be a surprise for you but Ukraine is not just an ex-grain basket of Europe.

The mining, chemical, aerospace and automotive industries are among one of the very developed in the country.

With low-cost labour, relatively low (across the ex-USSR countries) corruption, huge intellectual base Ukraine can be a very attractive market for British companies. 


3. First electric plane of Ukraine! 

Around 300 startups in the world developing future mobility electric air transport.

Haven’t done deep research but could not find an electric plane developed in the Ukraine.

Why? Or why not YET?

The country has the brains (2 aerospace universities), it has manufacturing plants, it has a chance! All it needs is a good investor and the project manager. 


4. Doctors in Ukraine – use their knowledge

Doctors in the Ukraine are undervalued.

They work more for passion to the job supported unfortunately by the low paid salaries. 

Those doctors are great minds and sharp hands. Why not use their knowledge?

I know, I know, health systems in the US, UK and Ukraine are different but the person is the person. 

If you have a stomach pain the symptoms which lead to the pain and the cause of the pain is the same no matter which country you live in.

The business can be set up in the form of advising website or paid consultations. 

Alternatively, the approach can be applied to non-traditional medicine or homoeopathic medicine.


5. Proverbs translated from Russian to English

Russian language is very rich and wise and has lots of proverbs and sayings which might be interesting to the foreign ear.

Create a mini-website or app or email list sending 1 proverb per day or 1 saying per day translated from Russian into English with a deep explanation of the meaning…e.g. “вешать лапшу на уши” (hang the pasta on the ears) or “жевать сопли” – chew the sneeze etc. 


6. Sell old soviet cars from Eastern Europe to the UK

Hey, not so long ago Lada was very popular can in the UK…..I’m talking about 50-70 years ago…:-)

Why not bring Soviet cars (restore in the country of origin) to the UK?

Check this beauty: 

Lada for sale second hand

or this one (a dream of mine by the way!): 

Uaz for sale second hand